Brunner on the Bible as the Word of God

The Christian Church believes that the Bible is the Word of God. The Christians are the product of the Bible. There are Christians because there is the Bible. The Bible is the soil in which the Christian faith grows. The Christian faith is the faith in Christ, and we can find Christ in the Bible, and from there he speaks to us.
The Christian faith is the faith in the Bible. Who is God? What is his purpose for us, for the world, for the humankind? Only God can answer these questions. God has revealed the mystery of his will through the prophets and apostles in the Holy Scriptures. All the prophets speak about this unique God who has created man for this purpose.
God has mercy on people, he comes close to them, he looks for them, as a good shepherd looks for his sheep. He calls them and he goes to them, and he gives his life for them. The Bible speaks about this God.
All the voices of the prophets are the voice of God who calls people. Jesus Christ is God himself in the world. In him the Word became flesh. The prophets were able to speak about the Good Shepherd, but he is the Good Shepherd. He is the word of God. In him, in his life and death, God makes his purpose known, his plan, and his attitude. He is the word of God from the Bible.
Is the whole Bible the word of God? Yes, as much as it speaks about what is found in Christ.
In the Bible you will hear the voice of the master, and, as you hear a disk, you will also hear accidental noises because God makes his voice known through the voice of man. The accidental noises can not be avoided because of the human part in it. When you have the chance of hearing the voice of the master you do not focus on the accidental noises. The importance of the Bible is given by the fact that God speaks to us through it.

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