Brunner on God's Plan for the World

We live in a vast universe and we are very small in it. We do not see the whole in its entirety. We manage to understand a little of all its complexity. When we ask about the purpose of all that is around us the answer is not clear. We do not know where the world is headed. We do not know where we are going. This is a deep mystery.
But there is somebody who knows the destiny of the world. He has made the plans for it, he has created it, and he governs it according to that plan. What we see as hazard is what he has planned. We do not know what is happening in the way it is happening. God knows. He wants things to happen the way things happen. There is no such thing as hazard. God does not want us to be in the dark. He revealed something about his plans for the world. He has revealed it progressively. Jesus Christ, the Word of God made man, represents the way in which God has revealed to us the meaning of the whole history.
When we speak about this great Word of God - Jesus Christ, we speak about reconciliation, fulfillment of all things in God. This is the plan God has for the world. God wants our hearts. He invites us in his kingdom. He wants us to hear his calling, to believe in him, to obey him. Only by obedience man will understand the plan of God for the world. Only the person who hears his calling receives light and only him will not walk into the darkness, but in the light of God. Only that person knows the final destiny of all what exists, the final point towards God leads all things.
This is faith: to hear the calling, to hear where God will lead us, to understand the plan God has for the world.

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