Brunner on Creation and Creator

The first word of the Bible is about the Creator and the creation. This is the fundamental affirmation on which all the other affirmations are based. The world is the house of the Great King and Great Artist.
Man can not see him, man can only see the world. The world is his creation and it speaks about him. Even so the man does not know God. Men are are obsessed by their own achievements and they do not discern the miraculous deeds of God. Think at what a miracle is the human eye. The eye is the window of the soul, is the soul looking outside and in the same time the soul himself can be looked upon. Is the hazard making seeing possible? This would be an absurd superstition. We are like dogs in an art gallery. We see the pictures on the walls, but we do not discern them. The cause for our failure is our foolishness, our arrogance, and our lack of respect.
The book of nature is not sufficient for us to clearly see the Creator. The immaturity, stubbornness and ignorance are the reasons for this failure. This is the reason for which the Creator gave us another book: the Bible. In it he shows us his image, Jesus Christ. Through this image we have the possibility to know him as he is, and we can know the purpose of God for his creation.
God revealed himself as Creator to the people of Israel. He is a God who meets man, and asks for his rights as Lord. The Lord God is the Creator God, and only when we know him as Lord God we will know him as Creator. God has revealed to Israel as God who is above the world, as Lord of this world, from whom, and through whom, and for whom the world has its origin. The affirmation that God is the Creator means that your Creator is the Lord of the world. And the affirmation 'your Lord' means that you belong to him. Without him you are nothing. When you believe these you became a 'slave of God,' your life has a meaning, you became a different man. To believe in the Creator God it means to obey the Lord God.

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