Luther's Seal and Theology

Martin Luther designed his seal to depict his theology. This is a good example of clarity, communication and boldness. Both the seal and the letter, that explains it, are presented here. The seal is a sign of maturity and it has to be seen as the compendium of his theology, and, as such, as the hermeneutical key for his writings. Read More...

The Cross to Rome, Studies in Romans

This collection of studies is a continuation of my doctoral research; my continued interest is in the area of Early Christianity's understanding of the death and resurrection of Christ, and the vast variety in which this eschatological event shapes the world of humanity.
The Early Christians took their 'good tidings' to Rome. Their main spokesman was Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles. In his Letter to the Romans he touches on the theme of the cross. This is the subject of this collection of studies.
This book is available HERE.


Paul and his Travels: from Perga to Antioch of Pisidia

Next episode (Acts 13.13-52) is crafted by focusing on Paul and the recurring ways of his ministry (Barrett 1994, 625). The others are described as ‘his companions’ (οἱ περὶ Παῦλον), and from among them John left them and returned to Jerusalem, but they went on. We have a movement from geography, to dedication for mission, to a service in synagogue. From that service the focus is on the sermon Paul delivers as they are invited to have a ‘word of exhortation’ (λόγος παρακλήσεως). The people in the synagogue are a mixture, as Paul mentions at the beginning of his word: Israelites and others who fear God (οἱ φοβούμενοι τὸν θεόν). We have a long sermon on the way God dealt with his people: from the election, to Exodus, wandering through wilderness, giving them the land of Canaan; judges, monarchy and Messiah. Four names are mentioned in this overview of Jewish history: Samuel, Saul, David and Jesus; a prophet, two kings, and a Savior. Saul is removed but David is a man after God’s heart and from his seed will come the Savior of Israel. Read More...