Luther's Seal and Theology

Martin Luther designed his seal to depict his theology. This is a good example of clarity, communication and boldness. Both the seal and the letter, that explains it, are presented here. The seal is a sign of maturity and it has to be seen as the compendium of his theology, and, as such, as the hermeneutical key for his writings. Read More...

Piety in Euthyphro

Socrates is willing to know about piety because of his court case with Meletus. It appears that Euthyphro has some knowledge on the subject and is willing to talk to Socrates. But soon, it is seen that Euthyphro is not able to offer the answer Socrates is looking for. Read More...

Hume on Justice

Hume says that ‘public utility is the sole origin of justice’ (Hume 1777, III.1), and that ‘the rules of equity and justice depend entirely on the particular state and condition in which men are placed’ (Hume 1777, III.1).

Justice and Well-Being